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What Our Fantastic Users Say

“My brother came to stay with us and brought his new puppy. She was definitely not house trained. I was so upset to find that she was constantly using my rug for her bathroom. With the odor being so strong, I thought for sure my area rug was ruined. Executive Rug Cleaning washed it and now it is odor free! Thanks guys!”
“It is nice to know that Executive Rug Cleaning is only a phone call away. My grandma fell and hit her head and bled all over her dining room rug. Things were crazy with my grandma in the hospital so I didn't have time to devote to dropping off the rug. I made a quick phone call and the technicians picked up the rug the following day. A few days later it was brought back looking and smelling wonderful. Grandma was very impressed and so was I!”
“My husband brought home a rug from Turkey several years ago. Apparantly our German Shepard got mad at us and chewed the corner off of the rug. I had no idea Executive Rug Cleaning could repair something like that. I'm so pleased with the results!”
“Unfortunately our washing machine hose busted while we were out and we came home to a flooded house. Executive Rug Cleaning picked up our soaking wet rugs that same day and returned them a week later. You would never know they had been in standing water. Thank you!”
“I noticed my area rugs were releasing dirt even after I vacuumed them. I decided to drop them off at Executive Carpet Cleaning to get them washed. Much to my surprise the technicians explained that this was a common occurrence. I'm so happy that I had my rugs professionally cleaned. They are beautiful and soft.”

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