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xecutive Rug Cleaning is based in Enid, Oklahoma, but provides service for numerous surrounding areas including Edmond, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Kingfisher, Ponca City, Alva, and Woodward. Our 6,000 square foot facility can manage a massive amount of rugs at one time. We have invested a substantial amount of money into time-saving equipment that allows us to move the rugs out quickly without jeopardizing the quality...... 

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Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning is truly a difficult job which requires a great deal of knowledge, time, and effort. Area rugs are where germs and allergens dwell and cannot be removed by vacuuming alone.

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How Can We Help You?

We are Oklahoma's preferred choice for washing and restoring your rugs to their original beauty. Established in 1994, Rodney Olson has been in the cleaning and restoration industry most of his adult life. Soon after the business was opened, he was introduced to the art of washing and restoring rugs. It was during this time that Executive branched off into water and fire mitigation services. In 1998 Executive Carpet Cleaning, Inc. changed its name to Executive Cleaning and Restoration. Rodney felt this name change would better explain more about his profession and specialty skills. In the process of restoring customers' homes from a fire and water damage loss, he noticed people's heirlooms were being tossed in the trash. He would simply take them out and back to the shop to clean and restore them to their original condition. Afterwards he would surprise the customers with their freshly cleaned and restored rug! It didn't take long before the insurance industry began to recognize the value of this service. In 2003, Rodney decided to build the most state-of-the-art rug washing facility in Oklahoma so everyone could enjoy in the value of having their rugs cleaned and restored.

Rug Repair Service

Since then the times and the demand for rug washing have increased. In 2010 Rodney invested $100,000 in to time saving rug washing equipment. This investment would help with the supply and demand of rug washing by being able to clean the rugs efficiently and get them back in the hands of the customers in a timely fashion. In 2011 and 2012, Rodney's two sons graduated from school and came to work full time. Over the years of working part time, the boys had gained an appreciation for hand knotted rugs. Since then Rodney has created a division in the business called Executive Rug Cleaning. One of our greatest experiences is to see the expression on the customer's face when showing them their freshly washed and restored rugs.

Not only does Executive Rug Cleaning specialize in cleaning rugs from the Middle Eastern countries, we also do complete repair of these types of rugs. Executive Rug Cleaning is a member of the Association of Rug Care Specialist (ARCS) which was formed by the most influential members of the rug care industry. The goal of Executive is to strive for perfection, cultivate relationships, educate and completely satisfy the valued customer.

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What Our Fantastic Users Say

“My brother came to stay with us and brought his new puppy. She was definitely not house trained. I was so upset to find that she was constantly using my rug for her bathroom. With the odor being so strong, I thought for sure my area rug was ruined. Executive Rug Cleaning washed it and now it is odor free! Thanks guys!”
“It is nice to know that Executive Rug Cleaning is only a phone call away. My grandma fell and hit her head and bled all over her dining room rug. Things were crazy with my grandma in the hospital so I didn't have time to devote to dropping off the rug. I made a quick phone call and the technicians picked up the rug the following day. A few days later it was brought back looking and smelling wonderful. Grandma was very impressed and so was I!”
“I noticed my area rugs were releasing dirt even after I vacuumed them. I decided to drop them off at Executive Carpet Cleaning to get them washed. Much to my surprise the technicians explained that this was a common occurrence. I'm so happy that I had my rugs professionally cleaned. They are beautiful and soft.”

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