Dusting Process

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Dusting Process

In order to remove dry soil, the area rug needs to go through the dusting process. Many area rugs are used to decorate the home, add warmth, and remove soil from beneath shoes. Over time the rug can become loaded with dry soil. It will get embedded into the knots and base of the rug so much so that vacuuming will not remove it. Importantly, if this soil is not removed on a regular basis, it will cause serious damage to the construction of the area rug. This deterioration will shorten the life expectancy of your beautiful floor covering.

At Executive Rug Cleaning we use three different methods in our dusting process. One of the systems uses compressed air through a tool called an air knife. Our rug specialist moves the tool along the back side of the rug pushing the soils to the front of the area rug. From here, the dry soil can be removed easily. A second way of dusting uses a machine called a rug beater. This machine gently taps the back of the rug loosening the embedded soil so that it can be vacuumed away. The third dusting process is a unique apparatus called the Turkish Rug Tumbler. Not only does this remove the hard to reach soil, but it also polished the fibers on every rug. When the rug comes out, it is dust free and has a beautiful sheen. This device is used in Turkey to put a sheen on a newly woven rug before it goes to market to be sold.

Allow our cleaning technicians to decide which dusting process is best for your style of rug. We have all the knowledge and equipment necessary to remove the irritants and embedded soil from within your rug. It will leave your rug clean, odor free, and with a sheen you'll just love.

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Fringe Cleaning Process

Having clean fringe can really make a rug pop!! Our rug specialists start the fringe cleaning process at the beginning of the washing process.

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Washing Process

After each rug has been dusted, our rug specialists will inspect the rugs for colorfastness. In this process if the dyes seem unstable, we will apply a dye block treatment to the rug to guarantee it will not bleed.

Drying Process

The drying process is one of the most crucial parts in the rug washing procedure. The professionals at Executive Rug Cleaning have the knowledge to thoroughly clean and dry your Oriental rugs in no time.

Soft Water Rinse Process

After the Oriental or area rugs have been through the inspection, dusting, and washing phases, it is now time to proceed with the soft water rinse. Executive Rug Cleaning gives its signature soft water rinse after each