Dry Rug Cleaning

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Dry Rug Cleaning

Area rugs will provide beauty, elegance, and a sense of style to your home. Cleaning and maintaining is a must. You have just invested a substantial amount of money into an area rug. You certainly want to expand the life expectancy and protect this treasured piece. By cleaning it on a regular basis, it allows all the germs and bacteria to be flushed out. This provides a healthy environment for your family. It also keeps the rug in good condition. Soils that are left in the fibers of the area rug are abrasive and will break down the construction over time. In addition, the dirt and soil get embedded in the knots of the rug and cannot be vacuumed out.

Executive Rug Cleaning can remove the embedded soil and stains that come with the everyday traffic an area rug can be subjected to. Our technicians will also sanitize every rug that comes into our rug washing facility.

Dry cleaning rugs is basically a misconception. When an area rug is labeled "dry clean only," it serves as a warning to the consumer that the colors in the rug might possibly bleed, and it is also there to protect the retailor. At Executive Rug Cleaning we do a colorfast test on each rug during the initial inspection. If an oriental or area rug shows signs of bleeding, a dye blocker is used to stabilize the colors. This will protect the rug during the cleaning procedure and guarantee the end results will be satisfactory.

As you can tell there is more to cleaning an area rug than meets the eye. A great deal of education and experience is a necessity. Don't let just anyone clean your rug. Call Executive Rug Cleaning today!

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Call Us Today For Your Free Quote: 1-405-588-4533 : 1-866-708-4777

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Our Rug Cleaning Process

1st Step :

Dusting Process

In order to remove dry soil, the area rug needs to go through the dusting process. Many area rugs are used to decorate the home, add warmth, and remove soil from beneath shoes. Over time the rug can become.......

2nd Step :

Washing Process

After each rug has been dusted, our rug specialists will inspect the rugs for colorfastness. In this process if the dyes seem unstable, we will apply a dye block treatment to the rug to guarantee it will not bleed. .......

3rd Step :

Soft Water Rinse Process

After the Oriental or area rugs have been through the inspection, dusting, and washing phases, it is now time to proceed with the soft water rinse. Executive Rug Cleaning gives its signature soft water rinse ......

4th Step :

Drying Process

The drying process is one of the most crucial parts in the rug washing procedure. The professionals at Executive Rug Cleaning have the knowledge to thoroughly clean and dry your Oriental rugs in no time......

5th Step :

Fringe Cleaning Process

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